How tech in sports in affecting injuries and rules

Updated: Feb 10

Stay On Target: A Technology in Sports series Leaders in Sport feature, brought to you by Target3D, the Home of Motion Capture


In their second feature on technology in sports, Target3D’s Biomechanics Specialist Stephanie White discusses how technology is changing the way we approach injury prevention and recovery, and goes on to explain how VR is changing the rules of sport.

“Winning and losing can be determined by a fraction. Think of a football that’s literally millimetres off the goal. Equally, the minutest change of angle or foot position can quickly cause injury.

My career stemmed from an intense fascination into how people use their bodies. I’m interested in how people perform. There are many ways to perform, to move and there’s always someone who’s doing it better!

With technology now playing a much bigger role in the world of sport than I ever anticipated, everyone involved - from the coaches to the players to the spectators - is becoming used to tracking each aspect of the game and is still getting used to technology making decisions.

As I moved through my MA studies in Clinical Exercise Science, researching upper limb motor control at the time, the tech side became more interesting to me too - mocap and EMG specifically. How something as human, as ancient, as the movement of the body can be changed, adapted and affected by technology that has only been around for a few decades.

But, as sports become more competitive, so do the technologies working to create stronger, more resilient athletes. In spor