Drop in the Ocean: Immersive social VR experience

Updated: Feb 25

Produced by Washington DC based Conservation International and London company Vision3, 'Drop in the Ocean' is a groundbreaking immersive virtual reality experience that took the Tribeca Film Festival by storm following its premiere.

Inspiration came from Vision3 founder Chris Parkes, whose father spent 50 years studying plankton. Chris saw it as an opportunity to reimagine his Dad's work and create a groundbreaking experience around the pollution of our oceans.

The issue How could virtual reality be utilised to immerse people into the ocean, amid the wonders of whale sharks, plankton and jellyfish - and into the heart of plastic pollution crisis plaguing the world’s oceans? The creators wanted to do this without the burden usually associated with tracking such as wearing markers or holding technology.

The solution London mocap company Target3D came onboard to provide this cutting-edge tracking system.

Using an array of 12 RGB video cameras and The Captury Live - an extremely intelligent piece of computer vision and AI software created a system to take 12 video feeds, learn what is a human and track them by looking at colour pixel information, meaning users need only wear a headset.

"We had to be the first to combine the latest HP Reverb headset, using the headsets ‘insi