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Glava: Creating the LBVR visitor experience

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Logic Interactive, experts in exhibition design and interactive installations, were tasked with developing a location-based virtual reality (LBVR) experience for the visitor centre of their client, Glava, in Askim, Norway.

The challenges

For their first foray into LBVR, Logic Interactive needed to create a multiplayer experience - to be designed and developed in less than six months.

In addition to ensuring it happened quickly, their small team needed to ensure it was totally wireless, with integrated full body tracking - including hand and foot tracking - and be able to work alongside physical props.

The solution

Finding the most suitable tracking and VR hardware was key to the project, so Logic Interactive turned to Target3D. After a series of demos in their London studio, the mocap company supplied and gave training on the system.

The final set up was a high-end OptiTrack solution using multiple cameras, HMD trackers, HP VR backpacks with active tracking, Vive Pro VR headsets and over 30 tracking bodies - all streamed to VR in real-time.

Unreal Engine software was already familiar to the Logic Interactive team and the workflow was suited to the project.

The result

The fun, LBVR experience Glava VR allows up to four players to go through different challenges and tasks in a virtual construction site.

Navigating through the site using a real-life shaking platform, which appears as an industrial elevator in virtual reality, a robot guides players as they manipulate physical tools that change form and function in VR. The gamers enjoy a custom-made soundscape and tactile, physical effects - including a dart gun to pop balloons and a spray gun for slamming concrete onto walls. There’s even an ‘antigravity future-tool’ that can pick up stuff and shoot it away!

"Target3D was invaluable for us in order to complete our project. From the initial planning and hardware setup - to testing and setting up a great OptiTrack system for our LBVR solution. They helped us with getting hardware on time and pushed the suppliers to really get things going. Also, expert guidance and training was extremely helpful. All in all Target3D have been very professional and helpful, and without them it would have been really hard to make the project as successful as it became." Tommy Svensson, Creative Technologist and Partner, Logic Interactive

Target3D specialises in location-based virtual reality (LBVR) products, support and training. Speak to the team to discuss how to integrate it into your next project.



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