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Two-Part Mocap Solution for ICTheatre Brighton

Updated: May 12, 2023

The client

The Institute for Contemporary Theatre (ICTheatre) is at the vanguard of performing arts training. Entrepreneurship is at the heart of everything they do, with an emphasis on training bold, brave performers who are breaking the mould in performing arts.

The requirement

To keep up with their expansion, a new building at their flagship site in Brighton was designed and developed. As well as the more traditional features including a 200 seat theatre and professional dance studios, ICTheatre were keen to introduce a mocap space to further the possibilities of performance in a digital environment.

Within the newly re-named Bird Studios, a fully equipped motion capture studio was required to complement other new features such as self tape studios and an iMac study suite.

The solution

Target3D offered a two-part solution allowing students to explore the integration between traditional performance and what motion capture has to offer.

After consultation and design, the motion capture experts created a volume hosting ten Optitrack PrimeX 13 cameras with a custom motion capture workstation as well suits and markers for the performers enabling for full body capture.

Following on from the install, Target3D’s Curriculum Manager Ryan Mercier set out and created a 10 session module focussing on motion capture and performance capture for the acting students. This allows ICT Brighton to fully utilise the motion capture volume and hands over the creativity and endless possibilities to the staff and students as an educational tool.

(stills from the scenes the students did with Ryan)

The feedback

"The collaboration with Target3D has allowed us to advance and innovate the training we offer within a very short space of time. Their support, guidance and mentoring from the early discussions, through to the install and build on to the curriculum development and delivery has been exceptional. Notably, the passion care and detail that Ryan Mercier gave to our students has proved to be a highlight of their training." "As this collaboration develops and grows we are incredibly excited about what the future of this technology can offer our college our students and consequently the industry. With Target3D working alongside us I believe the potential is limitless." Phillip Edgerley, Head of Acting at ICTheatre

For motion capture consultation, service work, installation and support speak to Target3D.



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