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Bodyswaps: New VR platform for softskills training

Updated: Feb 16

Since the first VR headsets were invented in the 1960’s, VR has come a long way. Fast-forward to 2020; COVID-19 and the resulting lockdown has propelled remote working to unprecedented heights. This changing landscape has been the catalyst for the huge increase in major companies and organisations seriously looking into how to offer accurate, immersive learning experiences through VR.

Going beyond standard corporate training courses, and acknowledging VR as a powerful tool to accelerate behavioral change, the recently launched BODYSWAPS platform uses VR & AI to deliver transformative soft skills training.

The BODYSWAPS platform empowers learners to safely practice their soft skills and measure their progress through off-the-shelf VR roleplay simulations.

Following a pre-project with BODYSWAPS, Target3D ran a discovery phase to check which pipeline and technology use would be best for the company, taking into account the need for exceptional quality within the financial scope of a start-up.

Working closely with BODYSWAPS’ Technical Director Tom Szirtes, the Target3D team managed the optical data capture for their product launch, filming the full body capture in their Hoxton studio.

“What Bodyswaps are doing is revolutionary. It was great to work with them on this innovative use of VR technology for an important subject matter. ‘Soft skills’ is very hard to learn and teach, so harnessing the technology in this way really is cutting edge. We look forward to working with them as they continue to develop other platforms.

- Robert Jefferies, Target3D Director.

Take a look at their launch film...

Demonstrating that VR use in training has gone far beyond the more traditional corporate training courses, BODYSWAPS has recently been used for transforming Safeguarding Training for the Humanitarian Leadership Academy, in Psychiatric Nurse Training with Sage Publishing and for a Corporate DNA project for Performance Management Training.

“Target3D took the time to really understand what we needed and kept on coming with new and creative ways to go beyond what we thought was possible. They’ve been instrumental in the success of BODYSWAPS so far and we can’t wait to see what’s next!”

- Christophe Mallet, BODYSWAPS Founder.

Time to get your VR project off the ground? Speak to Target3D now on 020 3488 2575 for products, advice, installs and training.



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