What Are We Talking About!? A glossary of mocap terms

Updated: Feb 10

At the home of motion capture it's no secret that we're a bunch of nerds. Our native language comprises of abbreviations, acronyms, portmanteaus and general jargon. In case you're wondering, here is what some of means...

We thought we'd start with an easy one. Now you've got MOCAP, how about these:

OPTICAL MOCAP Using outside-in optical camera arrays for tracking markers INERTIAL MOCAP Using IMU sensors (think gyro, accelerometer and magnetometers like your phone uses to rotate the screen) to track local rotation and use walking or lowest point algorithms for determining global position

MAGNETIC MOCAP Tracking using probes that intersect with a generated magnetic field MARKERLESS MOCAP A computer vision or AI system for tracking without any markers or sensors in use

ACTIVE TRACKING Motion Capture tracking using LED lights

PASSIVE TRACKING Motion Capture tracking using retro reflective markers

So, where does it take place?