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mocap MASTERCLASS level II



This masterclass follows on from Motion Capture 1 and will be introducing you to the world of the mocap shoot. This 3 day session will take place inside the mocap studio where you will continue to learn the pipelines and workflows integral to tracking accurate data. You will understand the practices involved for the post production process.  In addition, you will gain a deeper understanding and experience of how a mocap studio runs, the key roles of the crew, disciplines and “setiquette” of a the mocap studio. 

What the course looks like
This course takes place over three days, all of which will be hands-on practical sessions, with you experiencing the different roles and tasks involved in a mocap shoot. 

Day 1 

  • What is Motion Capture 

  • Selecting your data
  • Data cleaning 
  • Skeletal cleaning

  • Data smoothing

  • Exporting your selects

  • Live data streaming 

  • Streaming to game engines

  • Understanding retargeting in third party (Maya, Motionbuilder)

  • Intro to the post-production workflow

Day 2

  • The key roles in the studio

  • Language used in mocap 

  • Understanding the client brief and preparing for the unusual

  • Principles of performance capture

  • Blocking for mocap 

  • Shooting for mocap reference footage vs tracking data

Day 3

The final day will require you to apply all that has been learnt in previous sessions by working to a client brief and running a mocap shoot.  The session will also cover:

  • Breaking down the production timeline 

  • Understanding the client's vision and prep

  • Cinematics vs locomotion 

  • Creating and working to a shot list

  • Mocap artist casting process

  • Time management and problem solving on a shoot

  • Using game engines for previs and concept

  • Working with a virtual camera system (VCS)

This masterclass will be held in our Central London mocap volume, which is a working studio, where maximum class numbers of ten ensure plenty of hands on time, space for questions and a high level learning outcome. There is also the option of Team Target3D - and our specialised mobile kit - running the course at your venue. Contact us for details. 

Our masterclasses use a number of third party software applications and game engines including Unreal Engine/Unity, it is recommended that you have a basic understanding of what these are. Please let us know before time if this is not the case.

about our motion capture and virtual production masterclasses

Developed following years of motion capture and virtual production management, R&D and service work, Target3D's educational curriculum is trusted by universities and individuals nationwide. The Masterclasses, led by industry professionals who actively use the technology and processes every day, are designed for industry professionals wanting to expand their knowledge of mocap and VP.

  • Courses for industry professionals, led by industry professionals

  • Hosted at our brand new mocap and VP working studio in central London

  • Constantly updated content to reflect the rapidly changing industry

  • Working with our latest cutting edge technology, the same as used for industry shoots

  • Join an existing masterclass as an individual, or arrange a group session for your workplace or university
    (?with the potential for bespoke content?)

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