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HELPING YOU GET THE MOST OUT OF your optitrack system

As the world starts to open up we realise there are many mocap systems and studios that haven't been used much in the last two years. Your staff may have moved on, taking their knowledge with them, or your requirements have moved on from your initial useage. With all this in mind we offer OptiTrack training sessions  - either in our studio or onsite using your own system.



OptiTrack training sessions are hosted by Target3D's Ryan Mercier, who combines his performance capture and filmmaking background with five years of OptiTrack experience. A former tutor at London's MetFilm School, Ryan has provided motion capture training to establishments including Liverpool University, USP College and Middlesex University and has created a curriculum of three OptiTrack refresher workshops. Ryan will be joined by a Target3D motion capture expert engineer for each session.

Course content can be tailored to suit your requirements, speak to for more information.


One day session with one mocap engineer

Morning: Motion Capture Theory & System Overview

  • Software overview including explanation of basic tech and the key principles of motion capture

  • Camera mounting & aim assist techniques

  • Camera positions / FOV / overlaps

  • Camera exposures & focal lengths

  • Light interference / causes & solutions

  • Navigation, mouse functions & keyboard shortcuts

  • Calibration steps and repeat

  • Basic application settings

  • Rigid body & asset creation (inc. properties)

  • Actor creation & passive full body tracking

  • Active beacon tracking (as required)

  • Data streaming & real-time engines

Afternoon: Practical Session and Q&A

  • Discussion of projects relevant to the students/academics

  • Hands on repeat of the morning session led by students

  • Basic Data Recording

  • Data Exporting

  • Simple troubleshooting

  • Q&A session

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