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5 ways VR is changing the face of architecture

Updated: May 23, 2023

VR technology is transforming our architectural world. More specifically, the role it plays from the design-to-construction process. For example, 85% of companies believe that design reviews are so time-consuming that there are often delays in moving the project forward. VR technology communicates the design intent in more depth and in a way that is more accurate to the final result.

Here’s how architect firms and agencies are using VR technology to level up their offering and stand out from their competition in order to win projects:

1. Impress clients: using VR as part of your client presentations puts your architecture firm at the helm of the competition. Your client won’t just be looking at 2D or 3D models and designs, they’ll be (almost) physically exploring the space. Making it much easier for you to win those deals and projects.

2. Explore the spatial relationships: positioning and space between objects, furniture and foundations are harder to get right with just a 2D or even 3D model. Why? Because it’s not to scale. By immersing yourself into the environment, you’ll be able to visualise what will work and what won’t.

3. Allows collaboration: VR technology allows engineering design reviews that allow more remote collaboration across the whole globe, not just in one office.

4. The impact of light (and darkness): something you can’t envisage with 2D or 3D models is how much impact the natural or artificial light will make in an environment. As we know, light is a crucial element that determines decor, positioning and function.

5. Practicability testing: will this design actually work in reality? We don’t actually know until we see the finished, or near finished, product. With VR - we can!

With all the above, it’s no wonder more and more architects are moving towards VR technology when starting and pitching projects. With faster processes, a higher level of collaboration and clearer visuals of the final outcome - VR technology is changing how we design and build architecture all over the world.

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