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The ATOM: Creating Ground-Truth System For Engineering Grade AR Headset

Updated: Feb 16

The Atom, the world’s first Engineering-Grade Augmented Reality (AR) headset set to revolutionise construction sites was launched at Digital Construction Week (DCW). Created by XYZ Reality, The Atom has been developed specifically to meet the needs of construction professionals, making construction smarter, more accurate and more efficient than ever before.

XYZ Reality invited Target3D to consult on and install a tracking technology to verify The Atom’s system accuracy.


The optical tracking system used within The Atom had to be supremely accurate to ensure it met the precision and safety needs within the construction industry.

Traditionally, optical systems tend to leave a ‘gully’ of at least 0.5 metres around the edge of a tracked volume, due to the overlap that is required from multiple cameras' field of view. This solution was off the cards for this project - whilst ideal for AED R&D, the space was challenging in tracking terms thanks to the low ceiling, glass walls, multiple pillars and stairwells. Target3D had to approach things a little differently...


Following consultation, Target3D recommended an OptiTrack rig with passive marker tracking, hosting a mixture of PrimeX13 and PrimeX13W cameras. A variety of camera mounts and clamps were crucial to assist with the exact positioning of the cameras so the team could ensure every single pixel and ‘unit centre’ of each camera was being utilised. This ensured the client achieved the millimetre precision they required, even around areas of high occlusion.

Target3D Director Ashley Keeler comments, “This was a unique project for us. Interestingly, choosing the most suitable hardware was only the first step. The success really came down to the technical capabilities of the team, firstly in designing the space, then secondly by ensuring the camera system was operating at 100% capability within XYX Reality’s R&D space. It’s exciting to see The Atom has launched and to understand more about how the tracking system has helped in its development.”


“For our product, The Atom, accuracy is crucial. To confirm the results of our accuracy, we engaged with Target3D, to provide a ground-truth system based on OptiTrack. Ashley and his team worked with us to understand our specific requirements and complex space; they provided exactly what we needed to validate the accuracy of our product, which is not only a big win for us but, also for the industry. Truly amazing to work with.” Dr Kaz Khaki, VP Technology, XYZ Reality.

Find out more about The Atom and how it is changing the face of construction. For tracking solutions and consultancy get in touch with Target3D.



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