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Collida/Willmott Dixon Credit Target3D As Key Partnership On World Engineering Day

Updated: May 12, 2023

Iconic 20th Century industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss said that ‘design is a process – an intimate collaboration between engineers, designers, and clients’. This World Engineering Day, Collida want to show what this belief means to them, to celebrate the ways they are building wiser with the support of others and to share a number of recent partnerships that they believe will be game-changing in the industry.

This blog post is written by Andrew Gamblan, Digital Platform Solutions Manager at Collida.

"At Collida, we’ve found that by creating digital tools that synchronise activities that usually take place sequentially, huge efficiencies and quality gains can be unlocked.

To do this, we take a fresh approach and bring together a multi-disciplinary team of designers, engineers, manufacturing and assembly experts under one roof, to make sure we are working smarter.

Add some digital experts into the mix and we can offer a completely different customer experience coupled with incredible outcomes: high-performance, pre-designed buildings which support sustainable modern life, and fully customisable design platforms built on practical experience and strong relationships.

We want to bring about smart, sustainable change in the industry so that our customers can build back wiser, too. That’s why we’ve created our Living, Wellbeing and Bespoke platforms – targeted at our core sectors to drive efficiencies, present options to combat the most intricate industry challenges and raise the ceiling of possibilities in design.

By challenging long-established approaches to delivery in the built environment, we are redesigning what good looks like so that our customers can build back wiser and enjoy a process that is more simple, sustainable, efficient and driven by user experience. Like all good design, we can’t achieve this alone, nor can we achieve this by doing what we’ve always done.

Here are some of our recent partnerships:

1. SWAPP – Design and planning you can rely on, delivered fast

Partnering with Tel Aviv-based SWAPP, who pride themselves on ‘designing buildings with data driven speed’, provides the perfect mix of design, sustainability, and technology to provide an experience at efficiency levels unheard of within the industry. Together, we can create multiple options, undertake site and building-code analysis, and tailor the outputs – which include feasibility studies, construction documents and 3D renderings to the customer needs all with the click of a mouse, no specialist knowledge or additional software necessary.

Eitan Tsfarti, CEO and Co-Founder of Swapp, said: “Swapp is excited to partner with Collida. We share a belief that technology can be harnessed to revolutionise how architecture is practiced in modern times. Swapp looks forward to helping Collida leverage AI and data to enable the automation and optimisation of processes across the architectural ecosystem.”

2. Epic Games – Gaming industry levels of immersion coupled with architectural expertise

We want to provide an experience which changes the way we communicate the complexities of a

construction project and how our customers view, review, customise, and approve their choices. This can only be achieved through industry leading real-time visualisations coupled with both the flexibility of an underlying engine coding and industry expertise.

This is why we have collaborated with the US-based founder of popular game ‘Fortnite’, Epic Games, to use their Unreal Engine real-time 3D technology to create this new experience.

Ken Pimentel, Architecture Industry Manager at Epic Games, said: “Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible is something the Collida team has been eager to do. The idea that we can radically simplify the process of stakeholder and client engagement by delivering high-fidelity experiences to any browser or device pays dividends for everyone involved.

3. Target3D – Research and development enabled through collaboration

Elsewhere, we have been exploring the potential of immersive virtual learning environments to support our industry as the new ways of working we are committed to become the norm. Working with Target3D at their Virtual Production Test Stage we were able to put our people into a virtual Collida Living home to test design options at 1:1 scale and demonstrate the smart inner workings of our sustainable designs.

Dan Munslow, Immersive Producer at Target3D, said: “Target3D are delighted to have worked with Willmott Dixon on the Collida project. At our Virtual Production Test Stage we have tested multiple workflows with filmmakers using Virtual Production in a traditional sense but this project has pushed the boundaries further. Working with the Collida team and a model at a 1:1 scale we were able to composite engineers and trainers into the build in real time using games engine Virtual Production techniques. This research has led to creating a new approach to construction design presentation and training tools.

So how do we at Collida commit to build back wiser? None of us are smarter than all of us, so by enabling collaboration both within and outside of our industry we can engineer a genuinely better way of working for our industry and its customers."

This blog post is written by Andrew Gamblan, Digital Platform Solutions Manager at Collida UK.



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