CoDa Dance: Using the Perception Neuron suit to create immersive dance with neuro-disabled adults

CoDa Dance Company has a history of making innovative dance happen in unusual places. Since 2013, CoDa have specialised in creating live dance experiences - both professional outdoor performances made with communities and delivering dance workshops as a physiotherapy tool for neurodisabled adults.

all photos: Matt Pear Photography

Artistic Director, Nikki Watson’s interest in neurology was sparked when her mum was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Since then she has been using dance to explore the emotional and social impacts of neurological conditions and disabilities and now works with an artistic team who each have direct experience with the subject.

The issue Like so many arts companies, CoDa Dance was on the verge of touring a new dance production in Spring 2020 - an immersive performance taking place inside a 12m-wide geodome with 360 projection mapping, live dancers, a musician and up to 40 audience members up close and personal. Then lockdowns struck.

Determined to find a way to still