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El Pais & Vodafone: The future is exciting with performance capture

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Together with Vodafone, El Pais have been touring the world, interviewing hundreds of various tech companies to find out more about what they do and make the general public more aware of these types of tech, what is currently available and the different workflows involved.

The issue How could the Spanish daily newspaper, El Pais, explain the process of performance capture - from creating a 3D character to driving it real-time in a game engine - to their audience?

The solution Target3D worked with Maruxa Ruiz del Árbol from El Pais and the performer Natalia, to create and capture whilst filming the explanation.

To build the characters’ face profile, Target3D ran a Range of Motion on the facial expressions of the performer. This allowed the team to ‘train’ the software to recognise the facial nuances of the performer and apply those to the character. Once the character was set up and ready to go, the motion and face capture system could drive the character in real-time.

The performance was captured from StudioT3D’s mocap stage using a 32 optical camera system (30 OptiTrack 17W’s and two reference cameras) and a Dynamixyz Single-View face capture head-mounted camera rig equipped with a wired Logitech BRIO 4K HD camera. Bringing realism to the performance capture process was Ryan Mercier, Target3D workshop facilitator & MetFilm School course leader, who directed Natalia in creating a sense of character embodiment.

In addition to overseeing the majority of the production process, the T3D technical team provided user-friendly explanations to camera on the processes and technologies involved.

The result

Showing the future possibilities of combining performance capture in the film and game industry, and featuring in El Pais’ Future of Technologies series, here’s the Spanish language film.

For performance capture projects, facilitation and know-how speak to Target3D.


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