Setting Up A Mocap System in Paul McCartney’s Former School

Updated: Apr 22

Established by Sir Paul McCartney and Mark Featherstone-Witty (founder of the BRIT School) in Paul McCartney’s old school on Mount Street, LIPA produces huge numbers of highly talented graduates each year in both the performance and technical aspects of the performing arts.

The issue: LIPA recognises the need to stay ahead of the curve in terms of the training and facilities it offers through non-traditional uses of vision combined with theatre, and on into the growth areas of AR and VR. Coinciding with their 25th anniversary, LIPA took the decision to re-purpose one of the theatre spaces, The Sennheiser Studio, into a multi-purpose TV studio. Laid out something like an OB truck, the sound control room is at the end of the Vision Gallery, with separate rooms for colour grading and motion capture, plus a small post-production room with ProTools and a 5.1 Neumann speaker system.

The solution: Target3D helped to design the motion capture system, installing an 18 camera OptiTrack Prime 13 setup alongside the T3D virtual camera system (VCS) and the Active Vive Pro clip and headsets for VR applications. The system was optimised for 2 person capture sessions with real-time virtual direction.

LIPA’s teaching staff were trained by Target3D in the use of live and recorded motion capture data and how to use the VCS solution to do virtual directing both in and out of VR.