So you wanna be a boxer? Mocap may be the answer

Dedicated to helping youth in his local community, Benjamin Rosser founded Nottingham’s Pythian Club. Through a programme of sports, leadership and music, he inspires young people to develop their skills and grow into contributing members of society. Boxing has played an integral part in this since the clubs' inception in 2014.

When Benjamin introduced Lee Froch, the English, British and European Heavyweight Champion boxer, to Target 3D co-founder Allan Rankin this question was raised ..

Would it be possible to track the data of a professional boxer against young amateur boxers to visibly demonstrate the specific body movements they need to work on to improve their skills?

Image:Pythian Club founder Benjamin Rosser with champion boxer Lee Froch

Three of the Target3D team, equipped with twelve OptiTrackPrime 17W cameras and the Unity Game engine, set off to Nottingham to find out.

First up was Lee Frock. Whilst he performed his warm up, some left jabs, right jabs, skipping and sparring, his full body was being tracked by the OptiTrack system into motive, producing data that showed statistics regarding power, speed, positioning and the angle between joints and limbs.