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Target3D Iberia Event Introduces FLAIM VR Technology

Updated: May 12, 2023

Target3D's branch in Valencia, Spain put the latest simulation in fire and medical simulation technology into the hands of the experts at an event this month.

It is the first time that three simulators based on Virtual Reality (VR) have been presented simultaneously in Spain, giving users a complete vision of the latest solutions for training emergency personnel, firefighters and civil protection officers - and employees across all industries who require firefighting training.

Among those who visited the event in March were members of the Valencia Provincial Firefighters Consortium, IVAM, PREVINSA and the Cheste Educational Complex (CIFP). Those who attended were able to see colleagues from the Provincial Fire Extinguishing Service of the Diputación de Teruel, Alicante Airport (AENA) in action.

Target3D Iberia presented the latest technology:

• FLAIM Systems (FLAIM Trainer and FLAIM Extinguisher)

• SimX


• With the collaboration of multiCLASS screens - Touch Technology and Fujifilm

Attendees had the opportunity to use the simulators and can agree that there is a series of advantages that they all have in common...

With FLAIM Systems and SimX there is no physical risk for the user, there is no environmental pollution, it can be done both inside an office and outside, the cost per user is drastically reduced and, of course, the possibility of doing more exercises and with different scenarios increases the level of training retention.

FLAIM Trainer

The participation of professionals from different fields such as firefighters, civil protection, and professional training has been very important since they are the ones who have been able to assess whether our system really has a profitable and educational use without the need for astronomical investments both in equipment and teaching staff.

FLAIM Trainer mimics the behaviour of real fire including movement, smoke, flashover and explosions, along with equipment that is closest to what a firefighter wears in weight and size, making the virtual experience a perfect training solution.

FLAIM Extinguisher

It is mandatory that employees receive basic training in the use of fire extinguishers by the company, even more so when it is an environment in which there is a risk of fire.

Currently, this training is 99% theoretical and 1% practical. This difference is due to the fact that the cost of carrying out a real practice with a fire extinguisher entails high costs and a real risk for both the user and the company that has to provide the training. In addition, the practical classes are limited to a series of conditions such as environmental conditions and also the distance between the workplace and the training center.

With FLAIM Extinguisher we eliminate many of those factors. We easily bring learning to the company, the training is totally safe and employees learn in different scenarios, choosing among several fire extinguishers which one is the best for each occasion, with the possibility of creating an ad-hoc scenario for companies.


SimX is virtual reality software specializing in medical simulation. It has three modules for greater specialization of the exercise: emergencies, healthcare and military.

The great protagonist of the event was FLAIM Systems, but SimX was the perfect complement.

Several companies and public organizations visited the event and had the opportunity to attend various scenarios in the simulation. Among the public organizations were emergency training schools and they were surprised by the great utility of the software for teaching their students.

SimX has many advantages including:

• The software recreates simulations in different situations that you could find yourself in real life, where you must apply the protocol with each patient.

• Training you can take anywhere - you only need a laptop and VR glasses.

• Ability to create scenarios adapted to your needs.

• Teamwork - connect up to four users and work together on the simulation.

EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY, multiCLASS - Touch Technology and Fujifilm

During the event, it was essential to disinfect glasses and other products in a very short time. With EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY, in just 15 seconds we had everything ready for the people who visited us to test the simulators according to the current Covid regulations.

The multiCLASS touch screens gave us the best live images from FLAIM Systems and SimX. Also, we have a Fujifilm project to see all Target3D Iberia projects on the big screen and in high definition.

"My impression is that we have had a very good acceptance by those present at the event and that it is the first of many events that we want to offer to the national and international market from our headquarters in Valencia, holding these events throughout Iberia." Miguel Motos, Director of Business Development Target3D Iberia



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