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The arrival of VIPER 'set to be huge for Simulation'

Updated: Feb 16

2020 saw the arrival of the faster, most accurate magnetic tracker - the new VIPER from US-based Polhemus.

With latency as low as 1 millisecond, it’s set to be huge for Simulation but what else do we know?

By choosing one of three SEU (System Electronic Units) VIPER is truly customisable and can host up to 16 sensors with 6DOF, enabling the tracking of bodies, heads, hands and fingers - even through walls.

Polhemus’ Fly True Technology (FTT), a real-time distortion mitigation algorithm, also makes VIPER stand out from the crowd, compensating for distortion allowing quality tracking in the most difficult environments and perhaps explaining its popularity in the Defence industry.

Since it launched in the summer, Target3D has been supplying the UK market with VIPER, with clients leveraging their unique ‘try before you buy’ service.

T3D Director Allan Rankin explains, “ We have Defence clients looking for positioning for integrating into simulators and also those in the healthcare sector trying to understand how medical equipment can be used in training or in analysis of practice. I’m impressed with how fast VIPER is - it’s unparallel in being able to capture 960hz of data per second - and by adding sources or other SEUs, it’s super scaleable.”

And, because it's Christmas, we couldn't resist sharing this video of Spicey the dog being tracked with Polhemus sensors!

For a demo of VIPER, or to find out more about our ‘try before you buy’ service, speak to Target3D the home of motion capture.


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