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The Faces of Target3D: Meet Rebecca

Updated: May 12, 2023

She came 9,000 miles to London seeking adventure, but how did she end up at Target3D? Today we chat to Rebecca, one of the newest members of our team.

Rebecca (right) and her sister Emma doing the "U! News" gesture

Since childhood, Rebecca has had a fascination with production. Around the age of 11 she began to present her own impromptu news reports to family members, through a special show she called “U! News”. Her signature gesture from the show involved her pointing to the camera at the conclusion of her “broadcast”.

Rebecca has always been drawn to the humanities, finding that she excelled most at school in English, art and media studies. She also enjoyed human biology which certainly helped her during her pharmacy career when she left high school, however she was never truly tied to the profession.

Through her degree, Rebecca was able to take part in several productions at her university. One role in particular that she is proud of is her time as a marketing assistant at Midlas, a nonprofit legal service based in her hometown of Perth, Western Australia. During this placement she found that she enjoyed the production aspect of the job, combined with how social she could be. Meeting people, gathering content and publishing is what her days consisted of, and she liked it.

Rebecca began looking into similar roles, but rather than stay in Perth, she searched internationally. Whilst she says she loves Australia, it simply doesn't offer the same opportunities as the UK when it comes to the media and adjacent industries.

Motion capture was one area that interested her, which she learnt about from video games, a favourite hobby. Whilst looking for positions, she decided to look specifically at roles within London at motion capture studios, excited by the prospect of working in such a promising industry. By pure chance, Target3D was seeking a Marketing Assistant. She applied that very day.

Rebecca behind the camera

How has she found it so far?

“Every day and every task is different. I get to work across all areas of the business to make sure we're represented well, so showing off the tech we work with and sell and also the productions we help to make happen."

Rebecca’s days are now filled with video creation, chasing down images of gait analysis for dogs and going behind the scenes on our biggest install yet.

“It's great being able to share the amazing stuff we do - to have that as my job, because motion capture has so much potential, with loads of applications. The tech allows us to have that creative freedom. At a shoot, it's almost like you can feel the creativity flowing along with the motions we’re capturing. The best part is, it’s only going to get better and better."

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