Tom Andrew: Film-maker merges the worlds of digital & analogue

Updated: Feb 10

The opportunity to go ‘lo-fi’ with the photographer and short-film maker, Tom Andrew, on a portfolio of artistic projects is a refreshing change in an industry where most clients are looking to maximise the features and performance of the latest tech. Target3D co-founder Ashley Keeler explains...

"His thing, his MO is all about lo-fi; using high end, leading edge technology to create something visceral, raw, abstract."

Tom Andrew’s first foray into combining mocap with the arts was through an editorial for Vogue Italia; a dance film built around choreography by Kiani Del Valle on the theme of ‘tension and release’. Set in a dance space within a photographic studio, his film Inertia studied movement using motion capture, and a large part of the aesthetic for the shoot was based on the technology provided by Target3D.

In the eighteen months since the release of that collaboration, Tom has continued to take bits of highly evolved technology and use them in the rawest form, creating three more short, uniquely visual films, supported by us at Target3D.

Working with 3D scanned data, strobe and abstract imagery, Daniel Avery: Time Marked its Irregular Pulse in Her Eyes was directed by Tom Andrew and Sam Davis. Using a combination of Artec 3D scanners and OptiTrack system, we put the 3D data into a game engine and used our virtual camera rig to allow Tom to navigate around that data, inspecting it in a really lo-fi way. This incredibly abstract piece of noise was the final result.

Tom tells us, "When it comes to shooting we have to work quite quickly sometimes and have to think on our feet, based on accessing the visuals we’re creating. This can be challenging with the various technologies we use, as they all have their parameters, so it takes confidence to go beyond those with the knowledge of delivering quality data, something Target3D nail every time."