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Comprising of five training sessions, this masterclass is specially designed for actors and performers looking upskill themselves with motion capture knowledge. By the end of the course, learners will be able to walk onto a mocap shoot with the confidence that they understand how motion capture works, what happens on a traditional motion capture shoot and what they are able to do in order to create a compelling character for motion capture. 

What the course looks like
This course takes place over five learning sessions. Session 1 is lecture-based day that gives you  a deeper insight into motion capture. This session will focus on principles of motion capture and pose the question, why choose motion capture? 

Session 1

  • What motion capture is  

  • How motion capture works

  • The different solutions to motion capture that you may encounter 

  • A history of motion capture

  • Mocap language and terminology and how it applies to the performer

  • Applying markers to a skeleton and the importance of accuracy

  • Strike “T-pose" 

  • The walk cycle

Session 2

  • Playing in the volume 

  • Introduction to creating a character

  • Playing in narrative environments

  • Getting the most out of previsualisation and character briefs

  • Interacting with  props in the volume

  • Bringing your own technique into the volume

Session 3 

  • Creature creation masterclass 

Working with an industry professional to help understand what is needed to create a creature for motion capture. The guest tutor will lead learners to a point of creating their own creature for motion capture.

Session 4

  • Learning how a mocap studio runs

  • Crew roles; who's involved in a mocap shoot 

  • The production timeline

Session 5

The Shoot 

You will take part in a selected two hander scene where you will rehearse and prepare for the shoot with their scene partner. Each pair will rehearse, block and shoot the scene. Each scene will encompass key points learnt over the course, including character creation, handling props and living in an environment. 

This masterclass will be held in our Central London mocap volume, which is a working studio, where maximum class numbers of ten ensure plenty of hands on time, space for questions and a high level learning outcome. There is also the option of Team Target3D - and our specialised mobile kit - running the course at your venue. Contact us for details. 

Our masterclasses use a number of third party software applications and game engines including Unreal Engine/Unity, it is recommended that you have a basic understanding of what these are. Please let us know before time if this is not the case.

about our motion capture and virtual production masterclasses

Developed following years of motion capture and virtual production management, R&D and service work, Target3D's educational curriculum is trusted by universities and individuals nationwide. The Masterclasses, led by industry professionals who actively use the technology and processes every day, are designed for industry professionals wanting to expand their knowledge of mocap and VP.

  • Courses for industry professionals, led by industry professionals

  • Hosted at our brand new mocap and VP working studio in central London

  • Constantly updated content to reflect the rapidly changing industry

  • Working with our latest cutting edge technology, the same as used for industry shoots

  • Join an existing masterclass as an individual, or arrange a group session for your workplace or university
    (?with the potential for bespoke content?)

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