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We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.


Moveshelf is a software-as-a-service web application built for 3D character animators, motion capture technicians and movement scientists. The mission of Moveshelf is to help organize, understand and serve digital human motion data and information to help professionals working with this type of data achieve more. Target3D, the home of motion capture, is the UK's distributor for Moveshelf.


Accessible from any modern browser on smartphones, tablets and computers, Moveshelf helps professionals to securely store, organize, analyze, report and collaborate seamlessly with 3D data, anywhere, anytime. Moveshelf is compatible with all major motion capture systems and 3D motion data file formats and has open source APIs in python, nodejs and support for Unity, Unreal, MATLAB and many more. 

Moveshelf for Character Animators and Motion Capture professionals
All your character animation data in one place, accessible for the whole team. Share 3D animated characters with a link. Collaborate directly in your browser, in 3D, on any device.

Moveshelf for Movement Scientist and Motion Analysis
Collaborate with ease and get more from your data. Secure collaboration environment for movement scientists and healthcare professionals. Create and send interactive gait and movement analysis reports and datasets with the simplicity of a link. Work directly from your browser, on any device.

Founded by technologists and motion tracking veterans, Moveshelf believe that the amount of 3D human motion data out there today is just the start. 

Browse Moveshelf in our shop, download the leaflets below or call us and we'll talk you through the possibilities.

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