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Behind the Scenes: Mixed Reality Cricketing Avatars for The Hundred

Updated: Feb 16

From Lord’s to Trent Bridge, Cricket fans have packed out grounds to witness the inaugural season of The Hundred. Away from the stadiums and big screens there is another way to see the players up close and personal this summer, thanks to the genius apps from Sky Sports and The Hundred and their mixed reality Avatar experience.

Bringing the world of video games to broadcast and fan engagement, Sky Sports and The Hundred used Dimension Studio’s MetaStar solution to create hyper-real avatars of cricket’s biggest stars enabling world-first mixed reality broadcast and interactive mobile AR experiences.

The player avatars were created using MetaStar, Dimension’s hyper-real avatar solution, which provides authentic digital doubles that can be driven by either mocap data or animated.

Target3D supported Dimension Studio with the motion capture for the avatar creation. With Twickenham Stadium as our base, our mocap and creative teams gathered full performance capture of players from the eight teams. With as many as fifteen cricketers per day squeezed into mocap suits to have their movements tracked, we captured high res data including finger, facial and cricket bat capture in shoots directed by ECB professionals.

Sky Sports' Behind the Scenes video explains more, including Target3D's Petros detailing the specifics of the mocap aspect.

The super high-res data enabled Dimension’s avatars to be used for sports analysis as well as fan entertainment, with the SkySports commentary team using the players avatars to explore and analyse their techniques during live coverage of the matches.

The AR mobile experience housing the avatars - built by Arcade - is all about making cricket more accessible and interactive, and allows fans to interact with the avatars via The Hundred app and Sky Sports’ digital platforms.

Read more at Dimension Studios.

For movement tracking for sports analysis or entertainment, speak to Target3D, the home of motion capture.



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