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Upgrading Mocap, VFX & VP Capabilities to Futureproof University Curriculum

Updated: Feb 16

Rated one of the top three modern universities in the UK by The Times this year, forward-thinking Middlesex University already had an existing mocap studio - compromising half green screen, half black box - for educating their undergraduates in animation, modern art and media subjects.


Their existing system was rapidly becoming outdated, with obvious limitations including the lack of face and finger tracking, and they were interested in a studio that synced Virtual Production (VP) with motion capture. It was clear that the industry was heading rapidly towards Virtual Production. At Middlesex University we have a massive film programme so we needed to upgrade our technology to keep up with the development of the industry," explains Jonathan Muntahder, Senior Technician (Visual Effects) and Tutor, Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries at Middlesex University. "We knew our students had to be taught about motion capture, to discover how VP works and to learn about VFX in order to thrive in the future.”


Motion capture specialists Target3D created a new multi-faceted space at the universities’ north London campus. The green screen studio hosts a 25 camera OptiTrack PrimeX13 motion capture system, a Vanishing Point Viper solution for Virtual Production projects and a VCS for the CG environment.

The sound-proofed studio is ready for every aspect of mocap - including hand, face and finger capture - as well as green screen production work. Following training from Target3D, the studio is for students studying courses such as BA Hons Visual Effects, BA Hons Film and BA Hons 3D Animation and Games from Autumn 2021.

This investment in their technology means the university can offer the studio for private hire to companies and the community to meet the increasing call for Virtual Production space.


I had an idea of what I wanted but by talking to Target3D, I got the details and specifics of exactly what I would need. I am very happy with their work - the guys have been supportive, always answering my questions and staying in close contact. They are very professional and this is really important to us. Thanks to Target3D, we were able to live stream the Mocap performance to UE4 and show it on a big screen. We have got very positive feedback and student can't wait to start the year." Jonathan Muntahder, Middlesex University

Here's some mocap from one of the new students using the new space during the universities' Welcome Week.

Target3D are trusted suppliers to many of the top UK & European universities and colleges, providing mocap, VR, AR, Robotics, Simulation and Biomechanics technology sales and service work. Read more


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