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New Motion Capture Studio For Raised By Monsters

Updated: Feb 16

Raised By Monsters (RBM) was born from the hand of professionals from the film and video game industry in Madrid who wanted to have their own seal of quality for pre-production workflows. Their approach was to create a motion capture stage in the Spanish capital, focused on entertainment.

The issue To remain at the forefront in the professional field of motion capture in Spain, Raised By Monsters needed to create an optical capture room for the realisation of different projects in the world of video games, cinema and R&D. "We did not have the material at the beginning but we already had experience in the use of optical systems for years." Emilio Ferrari, Co-founder and CEO of RBM.

The solution

To do this, Target3D Iberia created a mocap room equipped with a cutting-edge motion capture system of optical cameras for the first urban format motion capture set in Madrid.

Target3D sourced the technology and installed a state-of-the-art rig solution with Optitrack Prime 17W cameras. The 42sqm motion capture room has 28 optical cameras, facial motion capture headsets based on infrared technology, and haptic gloves. The space now has the capability to capture up to 6 actors simultaneously. Raised By Monsters also has a remote hot head studio for filming assistance from anywhere in the world.

The feedback The mocap studio is already being used for multiple purposes, including the creation of cinematics and in-game animations, biomechanic studies and the production of previews or animated digital doubles.

"Target3D Iberia is our trusted provider for everything related to the latest motion capture technologies!" Emilio Ferrari, Co-founder and CEO of RBM

For end-to-end motion capture consultation, installation and support speak to Target3D in the UK or Iberia.



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