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New: 2021 Studio T3D Mocap Showreel

Updated: Feb 16

A few famous - and many hugely talented, less well known - faces in our latest showreel. We're pretty chuffed of this reflection of some of our favourite service work clients from the past year.

As you can see, mocap service work is our speciality, something the team here genuinely love. Yes, we work on big productions in stadiums and films studios, but we also offer more affordable one-day shoots right here in our London studio, making mocap accessible for smaller creatives and start-ups.

Our team manage the characters, rigging, capture and clean up, with a speedy turnaround data if you need it - and we have our own Talent Pool full of enthusiastic, trained mocap performers.

Have a chat with Sarah, our Executive Producer, who can explain more and talk you through your project.


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