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New T3D-powered Mocap Studio For Gaming Character Creation

Updated: Feb 16

SKC Games are designing and building a franchise series of five brand new games, the first of which is set to land in 2024. The fictional games have a non-fictional context, with open world play taking place in remote locations such as the Scottish Highlands as well as some more 'otherworldly' places.

Target3D will be turning a third floor office space at The EpiCentre in Suffolk into a 14 x 7sqm motion capture studio to enable the SKC team to use performance capture for character creation on site, in real-time. Once set up in 2022, SKC Games plan to share the mocap space to benefit further education facilities in the East of England with a view to being an incubator for gaming.

A smaller scale mocap setup was installed by Target3D for SKC’s investor showcase last week to enable a demonstration of the kit. A 14 camera OptiTrack rig, a virtual camera system for pre-vis and an iPhone face set up enabled full body, face and finger capture to be shared in realtime to Unity for the MetaHuman pipeline.

Asa Burrows, founder of SKC Games, shared “We’re excited to be working with Target3D to bring our large scale motion capture studio to life. It’s set to be a space to inspire creative thinking for both our new games series and for the wider tech community in the East of England. Having this cutting edge facility onsite will literally be a game changer!

With Target3D set to continue their partnership with SKC Games as they move through the development and launch of the games, we’ll be sharing news and updates as they happen.

For motion capture technology and consultancy speak to the Target3D team.



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