What is Virtual Production?

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Changing the way film-makers work, virtual production is centered around the real-time interaction on set as the physical and digital worlds merge together.

Virtual production was thrown into the spotlight with the making of The Lion King movie, which solved a classic VFX/animation problem - how to direct a story when the director cannot see everything they are supposed to be directing.

Virtual production is the process of mixing live footage and computer graphics simultaneously, to get real-time feedback and to make decisions on set about composition, VFX and animations. Combining the power and affordability of game engines such as Unreal Engine and Unity and the visualization capabilities of VR, virtual production shifts the pipelines and creative workflows of film-making. Previously film-making followed a natural timeline, with individuals or teams stepping in at the right time - from the script writer, to the creatives, then the film crew, followed by the special effects guys. Now the film world is created in a digital environment before anyone even steps foot on the physical set and VFX is no longer just the add on at the end of production, instead it’s integral to the production pipeline.

Virtual Production allows teams to collaborate in real-time from multiple locations, with directors and filmmakers informed by real-time computer graphics. Thanks to virtual production you are not limited by realities or time-zones, in the virtual world so much more is possible.

Virtual Production at Target3D

StudioT3D, in Central London, allows directors and production crew to work on a mocap stage, while viewing the virtual environment and characters in real-time. Our capabilities allow remote connection with performers, creatives or directors elsewhere in the world and the Target3D experts use their experience and know-how to seamlessly guide you through each stage of your virtual production.

Studio T3D is installed with cutting-edge virtual production technology including:

- OptiTrack virtual camera tracking system for sub-mm real-time camera tracking.

- Vanishing Point for real-time UE4 compositing toolkit with lens encoding. - Stype Follower, the object and people tracking system that enables physical interaction with graphics and makes virtual objects behave as though they are real.

Get in touch with Target3D to discuss virtual production and mocap for your next creation.

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