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Facegood P1 Monocular system
  • Facegood P1 Monocular system

    A HMC for high quality real time facial capture based on a single camera.

      Product List

      •  Wireline equipment: 1, 2, 3, 8, 11, 12, 13
      •  Wireless equipment: 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 14
      •  Wireless Graph Transfer Range:Range up to 150m radius
      •  Propagation Delay: 0ms

      Packing Box

      •  Hand-pull safety box accommodating all require accessories
      •  WxDxH:55cm x 42cm x24cm

      Additional Features

      • One piece design simplifies the adjustment of camera and helmet angle
      •  The helmet is the lightest in the industry, which reduces the pressure on the wearer's neck and can be worn for a long time
      •  Built-in circuit, easy to carry, beautiful appearance
      •  Adopt detachable lining, suitable for different head type wearing needs
      • Tech Specs

        Technical Parameters

        •  Dimensions: 43cm x 23cm x 19cm
        •  Weight: 350g

        Lens Parameters

        •  Pixel: 1080P High-definition infrared camera
        •  Image Resolution: 1080x1920
        •  Frame rate: 25 FPS, 30 FPS, 60FPS
        •  Lens: 110° Wide Angle

        Fill-in Light

        •  850 infrared lamp, effectively shields natural light


        Battery Specification

        •  Power supply: DC-12v
        •  Usage time: Helmet battery 6800mAh, supports 8 hours of recording; Graph transmission battery 4400mAh, can be used for 3.5 hours
        •  Charging time: 4 hours

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