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OptiTrack Motive  Body

OptiTrack Motive Body

OptiTrack Motive:Body offers uncommonly simple workflows and impeccable body tracking data, including precision finger tracking in large volumes with high subject counts—perfect for indie studios and AAA production houses alike.

One-click subject calibration
Calibrate new skeletons in an instant, with a single button click, for subject setup that is unprecedented in its speed and simplicity. You can even do so with multiple subjects in the volume at once. And when you’re ready to send your data to MotionBuilder, Motive:Body will export a pre-configured Actor, with skeletal proportions and markerset ready and waiting on the other end.

Precision Finger Tracking
When used with Flex 13 or Prime Series cameras, Motive:Body leverages the industry’s most precise 3D point data and our new kinematic labeler to produce impeccable finger tracking data that shines in large volumes.

Expanded Subject Counts
Motive:Body's kinematic labeler has been optimized to track higher subject counts, for capturing more people in larger volumes.

Kinematic Labeling
Motive:Body uses a clear understanding of each of the subjects’ skeletal structure to produce marker labels. This approach delivers tremendously accurate marker labels, providing stunning real-time output, even during close interaction.

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