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Perception Neuron Pro

Perception Neuron Pro

INTRODUCING PERCEPTION NEURON PRO Perception Neuron PRO is a truly wireless system, with the data transmission taking place directly from the sensors to the hub. It is a professional scale, full-body, inertial sensor-based motion capture system that is fully wireless with high tolerance to magnetic fields, capable of capturing large dynamic motion, and suitable for an array of applications from VFX to stage performance.

Designed to be portable, the system comes with a hardshell anti-mag case for storing the motion capture suit and its accessories. The Perception Neuron PRO “battery box” not only stores the sensors but calibrates them when placed inside. The box also works as a charging station where the sensors can be recharged all at once.

IN THE BOX (17) Perception Neuron Body Sensors (1) Perception Neuron Spare Sensor (1) Hub and Omni Antenna (1) Hub USB Cable (2) Replacement Base (1) Power Adapter (1) Power Extension Cord (1) Battery Box (also for sensors storage and calibration) (1) Set of Full Body Straps (1) Anti-MAG Case

PERCEPTION NEURON PRO Sensor Size: 43mm x 33mm x 20mm* Sensor Weight: 15.8 g Dynamic Range: 360 deg Accelerometer range: ±16 g Gyroscope range: ±2000 dps Resolution: 0.02 deg Transmitter / Receiver Frequency: 2401-2480 MHz RF-Output Power: -1.71 dBm Power: Battery Calibration method: Calibrate 17 sensors at one time. Battery Life ≥3.5 hours Battery Charge time: ≤1 hours LED color: RGB

STATIC ACCURACY HUB Size: 80mm x 47mm x 13mm HUB Weight: 30g Max. connected sensors: 17 Output: USB 2.0 (full-speed) Transmitter / Receiver Frequency: 2401-2480 MHz RF-Output Power: 10.31 dBm Max Output rate: 120 fps Latency: < 20 ms RF Performance: In-Door (Omni Antenna in Center/Corner) 7 × 7 m / 10 × 10 m

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