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Target3D Virtual Production XR LED Stage
  • Target3D Virtual Production XR LED Stage


    Providing virtual production and XR LED stages of all shapes, sizes and configurations, Target3D are partnering with industry leaders to provide turn-key solutions to overcome what can feel like a complex and confusing marketplace for clients.


    Target3D understands that no two spaces are the same; ceiling height, curves, difficult lighting and awkward dog-legs cease to be concerns as we tailor our end-to-end solution to meet your exact requirements.


    With a Target3D Virtual Production XR LED Stage everything - the LED, the trackers, the complete system - is tailored to your specification. From the early design and piecing it all together, to troubleshooting and installation, right through to training and unrivalled aftercare, Target3D manage it seamlessly.



    Main components of a Target3D Virtual Production XR LED Stage:


    • Industry grade LED wall with high refresh rate for in cam VFX

    • A range of LED processing and control options

    • Sub-mm precision tracking system for cameras, prop or performers - from OptiTrack, NCam, Stype and more depending on your needs and space requirements

    • Dynamic lighting control using DMX / Art-Net fully integrated into the workflow

    • Optional capture and playback sound devices fully synchorinsed

    • Genlock / LTC across the entire system

    • Commercial grade power, network & signal distribution

    • Camera, lens and rigs fully spec’d with lens encoding ready to speak with
      - Disguise

      - UE4
      - Stage Precision
      and others
    • Rigging / mounting / truss and gantry depending on your site specifics

    • Servers / render nodes and multi-user editing at your control

    • Audio and Visual Broadcast Control Equipment and Desks

    • Professional grade LED light panels and Moving Lights


    • LED stage
    • XR stage
    • Extended Reality stage
    • Virtual Production stage
    • VP stage


    Because no two spaces are the same we choose from the best including:

    • OptiTrack
    • Disguise
    • Ncam
    • Brompton Technologies
    • Unreal Engine
    • Vanishing Point
    • Blackmagic
    • Leyard
      and others

    By running the UK’s first Test Stage with Digital Catapult, Target3D’s aim was to establish the world’s first research and innovation studio for virtual production, offering advanced digital technology and design capabilities.


    What this means is that you are not only getting the expertise of how a solution functions, but have access to staff with both educational and commercial experience of operating these facilities.

    Contact us to discuss your requirements.


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