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Vanishing Point Vector
  • Vanishing Point Vector

    Vanishing Point Vector is a single package plug and play virtual production solution, designed by industry professionals to bring cutting-edge virtual production tools to any studio.

    Vector is a combination of hardware and custom software that allows you to use real-time virtual production tools right away, out of the box. Simply plug in the capture card, plug in the sensor and start shooting.


    • Quick start tracking with no need for pre-survey or prior mapping. Launch the software, and start tracking with one click
    • Physical marker integration to track simple props or to map more complex objects
    • Interactive lens calibration tools to quickly calibrate your camera lens
    • Lens distortion correction to match your digital assets more closely to your image plate
    • Automatic lens offset tools to get you set up quickly and remove manual error from the camera-to-sensor offset calculation
    • Automatic floor plane detection with line-up tools to easily integrate the virtual into the real world
    • Repeatable, resettable world origin system
    • Area mapping to scan a space and export to file, for use as post-vis geometry or lighting/holdout masking in 3D space
    • Extensive Unreal Engine integration with custom built functionality and user interface
    • Three layer compositing with switchable foreground objects
    • Chroma key interface with dual stackable keyers and color grading controls
    • Shadow catching materials when shooting foreground composites
    • Constraint system to drive lights or assets with printed physical markers inside Unreal Engine
    • Maya plugin with live data streaming of camera and markers, recording to keyframes and auto-naming of recorded takes from slate

    Vector Hardware

    • USB 3.0 stereo tracking sensor with mounting thread. Easily attached to your SDI/HDMI camera, or a virtual camera rig
    • 4K PCI capture card to stream video into the real-time composite
    • 20m fiber-optic extension cable (50m available on request)
    • USB drive with Vector software installers and plugins
    • Calibration board and bracket
    • Printed floor plane / world origin
    • Custom durable flight case


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