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Mocap Shoots


Welcome to Studio Target3D, your central London motion capture studio

With stages available for small, medium and large scale projects ranging from single day shoots to month long setups, our trackable volumes are 10m x 10m and 12m x 12m offering the capacity for the build of small stage sets and productions.

We can capture up to ten performers in the volume and can deliver full performance capture with full body, finger and facial expression capture alongside our HD witness cams and floating and on-body reference microphones. From pre-viz through to post-viz, data cleaning, re-targeting and post-animation, the Target3D animation team deliver the data you need, when you need it.

Why Studio T3D?

  • Full end-to-end motion capture service

  • Access to our in-house talent agency

  • Creative Directors and Technical Mocap Directors on call

  • No shoot too small    

  • Fast turnaround data

  • Central London location


Our experts are waiting to help you deliver your project on time, to scope and to your budget.

Facilities / Book a Demo

We invite you to our brand new demo space here in Central London to try the tech before you buy. Meet the experts and experience our Virtual Production stage, biomechanics area, edit suite, VR area and the mocap stage.

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