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From Studio T3D to Xanadu: CNN's Anna Stewart Joins Metaverse's BLU

Updated: Feb 16

CNN host, Anna Stewart, was welcomed to Studio T3D earlier this month where motion capture experts swiftly kitted her out in a mocap suit, Manus gloves and an iPhone HMC - before plunging her into the metaverse.

From Xanadu, metaverse sensation Cory Strassburger's virtual spaceship, Anna interviewed Cory's alter-ego Blu for the new CNN show, De:coded. Target3D tracked the presenter's body, finger and facial movements with the data recorded into Unreal Engine 5, allowing her to control her avatar, which had been created by Ten24, in real-time.

Anna's avatar on Xanadu with Cory's avatar Blu

Interacting from four thousand miles away, Strassburger was live streamed into Studio T3D, appearing next to the presenter on Xanadu as he introduced her to his virtual world.

Explaining how the motion capture technology works, Cory - now appearing as Blu - said, "The iPhone is capturing all your facial expressions which is driving your virtual character - so eye blinks or smiles. Your head movement is being captured with the optical set up that you have for your body."

T3D's Miyu, Sam & Harry with Anna Stewart and crew in the studio. Cory Strassburger and Bijan Hosseini on screen.
"Despite the different definitions of what the Metaverse is, if the technology advances like Cory believes then one thing is clear: it will significantly change our lives." Anna Stewart, CNN

De:coded is a new six-episode series for CNN, produced by Warner Media's Bijan Hosseini. Watch episode one, 'The Metaverse' in full here.

Target3D are experts in end to end motion capture service work, from their Central London studio. Talk to their team today.


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