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New Tracking Room for Made In Space, Inc.

Updated: Mar 28

Target3D Iberia has partnered with Made In Space, Inc. for a major project in Luxembourg.

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Made In Space, Inc., an American company based in Jacksonville, Florida, specialises in engineering and manufacturing 3D printers designed for microgravity environments. Their 3D printer was the first manufacturing device used in space.


To simulate outer-space conditions for autonomous robot maintenance tasks, Made In Space, Inc. required a specialised environment at their Luxembourg facilities. Target3D Iberia was tasked with creating a Tracking Room that mimics the darkness and intense light found in satellite orbit.

Close up of an OptiTrack camera on a truss


T3D's expert team installed a Tracking Room at Made In Space, Inc.'s facilities. This room, equipped with state-of-the-art OptiTrack technology, is used for tracking and analysing the movement of a robotic arm. The setup included OptiTrack PrimeX 13W cameras, Motive Tracker software, and Micron calibration elements for high precision. The room is enclosed with black opaque curtains and covered with black tatami, provided by Target3D Iberia.


A critical component of this project was the training provided by Target3D Iberia. The team delivered both theoretical and practical sessions on the OptiTrack Tracking System to Made In Space's technical staff, who were highly skilled in electronics but new to tracking systems. The training, led by Miguel Motos, Business Development Manager of T3D Iberia, encompassed system setup, hardware operation, and hands-on practice in various lighting setups, focusing on calibration, synchronisation, and real-time tracking.

Wide shot of Made In Space's motion capture stage with truss, drapes and cameras visible


Miguel Motos noted that the training's outcome was very positive, with participants confirming the system's utility and showing great interest throughout the project.

Target3D Iberia invites those interested in similar projects and training to reach out for more information.

If you would like to contact the team directly you can contact our consultants via email or call us on +44 0203 488 2575

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