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Target3D Partners with Ordnance Survey to Propel Geospatial Innovation

Updated: Mar 28

Target3D, an innovator committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions in 3D technology and tracking across a diverse range of industries including geospatial, architecture, engineering, construction (AEC), motion capture and virtual production, is proud to announce its latest partnership with Ordnance Survey. 

Ordnance Survey is Great Britain’s national mapping agency, a globally recognised authority in geospatial data and mapping services. It plays a pivotal role in supplying accurate and up-to-date geographic information to government agencies, businesses and individuals. Ordnance Survey is considered one of the most prominent members of the geospatial industry.

Through these collaborative efforts, both organisations are poised to empower the industries with immersive 3D technology, including the advanced capabilities of 3D PluraView and 3D GlobeView from Schneider Digital. This partnership aims to drive efficiency, productivity and informed decision-making across various industries within the geospatial context.

Ordnance Survey logo next to the Target3D logo, with a map in the background


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