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Target3D Joins Forces with the Association for Geographic Information (AGI) as an Associate Member

Updated: Mar 28

Target3D, a leading innovator specialising in delivering cutting-edge 3D technology and tracking solutions is thrilled to announce its recent collaboration with the prestigious Association for Geographic Information (AGI) as an Associate Member. At Target3D, we offer innovative solutions across diverse industries, including geospatial, architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), motion capture, virtual production, AR/VR, training and simulation, robotics, biomechanics, animation, VFX gaming, 3D scanning, and haptics.

The AGI is an independent and impartial organisation representing the UK geospatial sector, renowned for its commitment to advancing the field of geospatial information. The AGI welcomes Target3D into its esteemed community of professionals dedicated to fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation within the geospatial industry.

As an Associate Member, Target3D looks forward to actively participating in AGI’s initiatives, events, and forums where it can engage with fellow geospatial experts. Target3D’s main objective is to accelerate geospatial innovation and contribute to the geospatial ecosystem readiness by promoting, educating, raising awareness and provide solutions across diverse industries. 

AGI logo next to the Target3D logo


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