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The Faces of Target3D Series: Meet Tom

Updated: Feb 16

Self-confessed tech geek Tom Sands has recently joined our expanding team as a Project Manager. When he opted for Music Tech at uni, mocap wasn’t on his radar...

There was no such thing as a soft start for Tom. We threw him in at the deep end managing one of our biggest projects yet - a three lab install at Liverpool University.

But Tom hasn’t always worked in mocap. His dad was an early computer programmer and Tom has always been surrounded by technology, telling anyone who will listen, “I love gadgets, I’m a total technical geek.”

He’s also a guitar player and into music so when it came to choosing degree courses Tom opted for Music Tech, with aspirations to work for a studio or make records after graduating. Instead he started off in AV, teaching himself lighting and video along the way.

For the last 15 years Tom has been in the events industry. From his early days as a Sound Technician, he worked his way up to Technical Events Producer, running large scale technology conferences in Europe and Singapore.

When the pandemic paused the conference and events industry, Tom saw an opportunity to change the direction of his career and made the most of furlough by learning more about 3D rendering, video editing and photography and researching the Virtual Production tech behind The Mandalorian.

Since we snapped him up for our expanding team, Tom can be found on location or in our Hoxton studio. He’s the glue that sticks everything together, making sure things happen as and when they should and implementing rock-solid workflows for our larger projects.

Tom tells us he’s excited about working with us in the booming mocap and VR industry, where he gets to combine his experience with his interests - and indulge his inner tech geek. Here he is trying out our new Tesla suit.

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