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Game Changers: Realtime Interactive Online Streaming With Megaverse

Updated: Mar 28

Camera man holding a Virtual Camera System in front of mocap actors

Megaverse is a creative studio specialising in the blending of theatre, film and gaming with immersive technology. Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and emerging media production methods such as Virtual Production (VP), are just a few of the areas Megaverse is exploring with the Advanced Media Production Network

Game Changers

When Megaverse was looking to design a new project and needed a large motion capture studio, they returned to Digital Catapult for assistance with their Game Changers Project.

Whilst searching for a production partner to support the project, Digital Catapult introduced Megaverse to a new initiative, the Advanced Media Production Network including a studio at Gateshead, within PROTO. 

Want to learn more about the Advanced Media Production network? Get in touch or learn more about our partnership.


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