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Target3D Virtual Camera System
  • Target3D Virtual Camera System

    VCS: A camera rig for the virtual world


    • Real Time Virtual Camera Tracking
    • Previsualisation capabilities
    • Control over virtual scene
    • Compact & robust design
    • Ready straight out of the box
    • Reconfigurable
    • Great value for money


    • Virtual camera
    • Single point to charge
    • Full battery charge in 4 hours
    • Dual model multi-media keyboard and touchscreen (10m distance usage without obstacle)
    • Wireless receiver for monitor input up to 50m
    • Self standing
    • Attachable shoulder rig


    The Target3D Virtual Camera System was created after years of experience working with the best virtual production systems. We took the best of what we saw and made it more accessible.


    By running the UK’s first Test Stage with Digital Catapult, Target3D’s established the world’s first research and innovation studio for virtual production, offering advanced digital technology and design capabilities.


    Contact us to discuss your requirements.


    • Tech Specs


      • Target3D VCS cage with handles with mounting rods
      • 4k HDMI 7" VCS field monitor with double ball head mount
      • HDMI wireless extender 50m range
      • Wireless multimedia keyboard
      • V-lock power supply with D-tap USB A/USB C/Micro USB
      • V-lock mounting plate with D-tap
      • HDMI cable
      • Right angle D-tap to 2.1 x 5.5mm DC barrel power cable
      • USB to 5.5 x 2.1mm 5V DC power cable 
      • Right angle USB C to micro USB cable
      • Micro USB to micro USB cable
      • 1 set of 10 reflective markers

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