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C-Motion AMASS

C-Motion AMASS

AMASS™ provides calibration and marker tracking of raw centroid data from multiple cameras. Unlike NaturalPoint's Motive, AMASS can track individual markers (eliminating the need for clusters) and is not restricted to any special marker sets.

With a specially designed wand, a motion capture volume is calibrated with extreme accuracy. Tracking data is then written to a C3D file for analysis in Visual3D™.

Technical Specification

AMASS (ADTech Motion Analysis Software System) is a software package for deriving the three-dimensional (3D) locations of passive targets (unidentified markers) imaged by any number of video cameras, and writing the identified data to file using the [C3D file format]. Input data are the marker centroids expressed in each camera’s image coordinate system, and a small number of parameters. The full AMASS software and documentation is available as a free download for evaluation purposes, but a wand must be purchased if you wish to use AMASS within your application.


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