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Vanishing Point Viper
  • Vanishing Point Viper

    Vanishing Point Viper is a custom-built lens encoding system to stream zoom or focal data from your camera into your virtual production projects.


    Viper is a custom-designed solution to track zoom or focal changes, streaming lens data directly from camera into virtual production projects. Easy to set up and compatible with any lens, Viper has everything you need to get up and running instantly. Compatible with any lens, it includes a high resolution encoder, a lightweight software application, an Unreal Engine LiveLink plugin and example files to get you up and running instantly.


    • High quality hardware encoder with 1000 cycles per revolution for accurate, robust data.
    • 15mm rail mount to easily attach to your camera rig.
    • Standard 0.8 pitch gears to work with third party follow focus systems.
    • Unreal Engine LiveLink plugin  to stream the real time data. 
    • Integrates smoothly with Vector or any other virtual production pipeline.
    • Example Unreal Engine Blueprint files included for instant setup with no development.
    • Custom designed case with LEMO connections.
    • Simple workflow to be set up in seconds.
    • 30ft high speed cable that can be easily extended if required.

    • Works with any camera, hardware agnostic approach to fit your studio’s workflow.
    • Three adjustable gear rings to fit any lens.
    • Robust travel case for safe transport.


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