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Hands On With The Virtual Production Pipeline: Vanishing Point Vector Unveiled

Updated: Feb 16

2020 has been like rocket fuel to virtual production. As social distancing reduces the size and scope of location shoots, set builds, and crowd scenes for the foreseeable future, this really is the right time to be looking at a turn-key virtual production toolkit.

Built to work out of the box, Vanishing Point Vector is an industry-first; bringing real-time camera tracking, live compositing, fiducial marker tracking, environment scanning, human position tracking, lens calibration and other cutting-edge tools to studios of any size.

This entry level studio style virtual production toolkit, released last year, is already in use around the world, being used on feature film sets, tv productions, commercials, music videos and interactive experiences.

Ben Sharp, Founder and CEO of Vanishing Point, joins Target3D in our central London studio to demonstrate the tech, talk us through the pipeline and explain how it opens the doors for people to get hands on with the virtual production pipeline.

Target3D distribute, and provide support and training for, the Vanishing Point Vector across the UK and Europe. Contact us today to arrange a demo and find out what it can do for you.


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